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My Name is  Virender Prakash I am a highly accomplished high-altitude trekker. Regularly travelling 6000+ meters above sea level, I have been leading Dutch groups of adventure enthusiasts through the gloriously gigantic Himalayas for the last 35 years.  

When I got involved at the outset in 1982, I did not yet know that all those journeys would prove to be a secret destination I myself was as yet unaware of. Slowly but surely my travel passion grew into a longing for the mountains, especially after conducting tours in the great Indian Himalayas, traversing passes as high as 5300M + in Zanskar and Ladakh. Then I turned into a devoted lover of long journeys in the Himalayas. Such trekking expeditions are not about chasing your schedule but about embracing whatever comes your way. 

In addition to these trekking tours, I also conducted 500+ cultural and educational tours all across the Indian sub-continent. Most of my guests valued their travels with me. Today I proudly measure my journeys in friends.  

I also feel great in– Answering free of cost travel queries for Indian subcontinent, local information, distress management for tourist stuck in natural calamity within North India.

Social contribution – Helping education of children in Ladakh (Lamdon Model Public school, Khalste) in a small way, please get in touch with me, if you wish to help 2000+ school children of this school with education. 


Here are some rewarding observations from our ex-travelers who write about our service and dedication! I am grateful to all my travelers for their comments. Top to all, I am highly grateful to Lia Maas (NL) for putting together numerous but decent travelers since 1990 till 2015.

dr. Bibi Straatman (nl.): Virender is a very dedicated tour and trekking organizer. Deals with humans not with customers, has a very broad and subtle understanding of cultural & cultural difference. creates a respectful and playful atmosphere in which a real conversation and exchange of ideas can take place. He is a teacher: one learns how to travel, instead of being a consumer.

Sietse Goverts (nl.): Virender is a detailed-orientated tour executive at Journeytoindia who watched very carefully the individual wellness as the needs of the group. His attention and humor provides a lot of safety during sudden events. Doing trekking's through the Himalayas with his integrity was a great pleasure. His awareness, leaders and approach invited me to review my personal conviction and redesign myself in a way. Grateful I have met this reliable person

Jaap van der Horst (nl.): Virender organized a walking trip in the Himalayas, Ladakh-India in 2004. During this 4 weeks trip Virender was a nice, intelligent, highly social person with high integrity. I can recommend Virender's services highly.  

  Johan Michielsen (nl.): It was the attraction to the Himalayas and the so called reliability and skills of Virender that made me decide to make a trek in the very north of the Himalayas, through the high and hidden valley of Zanskar along the border of Tibet. Virender appeared to be not only reliable and perfectly skilled to lead us on this trek over a 5200 meters high peak and through this long stretched valley of Zanskar. He also occurred to be a very nice and spiritual man, with a great knowledge of Ayurveda medicine. Virender earned a heartwarming reputation and was carried on hands by each and every member in the group. I am sure our paths will cross again on one of his treks or journeys. I can truly recommend Virender as your guide and safe keeper on your journey through India.   If you are a member on Face book, you might be interested to see some pictures of one of his journeys in this album. Most of the pictures have been taken on the journey through Zanskar / Ladakh in 2011, organized and guided by Virender  

Jos Beks (nl.): In July 2010 with of group of 15 people we walked the Zanskar route with Virender. We experienced him as a nice, energetic and reliable person. He not only guided us through the beautiful mountains of the Himalaya, but he also told us a lot of the environment and the people who are living there, and with whom he is sincerely involved. On a specials way we acquainted with a very special part of India. We also enjoyed the good staff of Virender that was walking with us and that took care for our luggage and for the cooking. They were very kindly and helpful, and when we were tired in the evening they often served us "a three stars Indian meal`. Unbelievable! For me this trip was a great experience and so it was for the rest of the group.  Jos Beks.

Michiel van Zuijlen (nl.):      I have made three superb trekking through Ladakh&Kashmir with Virender. The first in 1991, the last in 2006. These trekking were always a pleasure, since Virender is a very kind human being, well prepared for the job but also a master in improvisation whatever happens. He's a fascinating storyteller and loves to share his love and joy for the nature you walk trough and the people you meet. Most important: he has a very good understanding of the big and small differences between "West & East". Walking and being with him is also learning a lot about the way you look to the world. And thus to widen your horizon.    

John Wesselink (nl.):    In 2002 I made a travelling with a group of 10 members in Ladakh. It was my first journey in India. The journey takes a month. It was organized by Virender. His qualities are that he is a perfect organizer. I’ve seen that he is coming very easy in contact with the localities (local people). So we have seen much more than we should have seen with a traditional journey organization. Thereby Virender is a wise man. Under every circumstance he stays calm. And still after all these years I have positive thought to my journey to India. And if I go again to India, I will certainly contact Virender. So I can everybody recommend: if you are going to India, take contact with Virender.
John 2009  

Ieke Vanelk (nl.):  Ik heb veel tochten gemaakt in Nepal en India maar de tochten met Virender Prakash springen eruit wat organisatie betreft. Virender zelf is een fijn persoon met aandacht voor iedereen. Hij probeert om aan ieders wensen tegemoet te komen.  De organisatie wat betreft vervoer, onderdak enz. is geweldig. Virender weet enorm veel over zijn land en dat heeft ertoe bijgedragen dat ik veel heb gezien en veel heb geleerd in India.  Ik kan het iedereen aanbevelen om met Virender een tocht te maken want dat kan alleen maar geweldig worden.  

Ieke van Elk 

e-mail: ieke.vanelk@gmail.com  

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Relaxation Travel

We specialize in spiritual and yoga Journeys through Indian holly cities situated by the Ghats of River Gangs in high lands of Himalayas. Covering places like Haridwar & Rishikesh, Ghats of Varanasi (Benares), Bodh Gaya, cultural trips in western, Eastern and in entire South India. We specialize In North part of India in high rise Himalayas,  in treks and car tours in Kinnaur, Spiti and Lahual valley, Zanskar and Ladakh  and so on. These tours intent to take you as travellers to a level up of detox, relaxation, meditation and self realization.      Medical Tourism where we find solution via Ayurveda   

Journey Calendar

Please explore the various journeys we organize all year around. 

You can download the file with information via the download link.
For more information feel free to write to us. However if you wish to design your own journey with your chosen dates, write to us  and we shall mail back your journey manual along with  wide-range of information.

31 October - 30 November '2019: Discover India from North to West from West to South. (pdf)


December 16 - December 31 '2019. A spiritual Journey through holy Indian cities and Royal Rajashtan. (pdf)


December 31 - January 15 '2020 Glimpses of India, an exotic trip through fabulous cities of (pdf)


30 August - September 13 2020: Back to the sources of India via the River Ganges. This is a magical (pdf)


In July and August '2020 (yet dates are not fixed): Discover Kinnaur and Spiti valley on wheels (Hi (pdf)


15 July - 8 August '2020: Zanskar on wheels (Himalaya). This journey is through enchanting mountains (pdf)


10 July - 3 August '2020: Discover Kinnaur and Spiti valley on wheels (Himalaya)This is 25 days Drea (pdf)


Video of our Enchanting Zanskar Voyage.

Zanskar - A journey through "Land of God's"  This fantastic movie was shot by Jan de koning (NL) who was one of the 12 group participants in 2012. Journey was organized by Virender 

(http://journeytoindia.co.in/ )

Another  short video inside a monastery in Ladakh-India, young monks chanting Buddhist mantras. Video shot by Johan Michielsen (NL)



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